Saturday, April 1, 2017


Today I met the nicest sweetest couple.

Husband has been working with them on finding a condo, and at the end of their day, they insisted that he come to pick me up and go out for a late lunch together.  I thought it was rather strange that they were so insistent.  Turns out the reason they wanted to meet with me was so that I can feel at ease knowing who my husband has been spending his time with, AND they treated us to a lovely lunch.

Perhaps it's a Brazilian thing, their energy and sincerity was so refreshing.  I struggle with the disappointment of dealing with "people" in general, this was especially heart warming for me.  So if you ever feel let down, don't give up on mankind.  Keep spreading the love.

To make it somewhat fashion relevant, an OOTD when I was in Paris last month.


SunnyDay said...

That is so sweet! Nice of them to do that. People are good :)

Me said...

@sunnyday you are one of them! Thank you for always being there. I am emotional today, but seeing your comment brings tears.