Saturday, July 4, 2015

Clarisonic MIA2

I think as I am approaching yet another new age group, skincare has become my new obsession. Overall, my skin is decent, other than sensitivity and dryness around the cheek area, I don't have other major problems, although anti-aging is starting to creep into my vocabulary more frequently.  I have been making do with a very simple skincare routine with very minimal products. A Ren Cleaner that I use about once a week (most of the time I wash my face with just water), and Rosehip seed oil, and the Pai moisturizer, is pretty much my entire skincare line.  I have tried many exfoliants in the past, however, they would almost always lead to major flareups and breakouts.  Therefore I have been exfoliating my face with a hand towel as I see a need.  It sounds very unsophisticated, but it has been working for me.

After hearing a couple of coworkers professing their love for the Clarisonic system, I decided to take the plunge and invest in some fancy skincare gadget.

After comparing all the units, and going through the million and one color options.   I chose the Mia2 in white.  Mia2 because of the additional speed it offered and white, well that's because I am boring, or should I say I prefer the original classic look. The second speed on the Mia2 is a slower speed, more suited for sensitive skin (at least that's what they say).  I was very skeptical despite hearing first hand how life changing this gadget can be, concerned that the Clarisonic system would be too harsh for my sensitive skin I spent the extra $ on the Mia2.  The unit itself is very simple, a brush that can be detached and 2 buttons.  It feels very comfortable in the hand, and I think the size is great for travelling as well.

It's been a little over 2 weeks now since I have had my Mia2.  On its first two days of use, I was really glad that I had the slower speed as the normal speed felt a bit harsh.  But even with the slower speed, my skin felt irritated,  so I gave it a break and got back on it again after I felt my skin has calmed down.  I find that I need a break after about every 3 consecutive uses.  But I will try to gradually increase the frequency of use eventually to every night.

So far I can't say that I am wowed by the results, my pores are still noticeably clogged and I still need to use a handtowel to 'exfoliate' every so often.  Overall, I am still not sure if it's a keeper at this point.  I do have 90 days to decide,  I will update with progress in a little while.

I have a few more skincare products I would love to review, including the one I mentioned in my previous post, Endocare Ampoules and a newly purchased Biologique Recherche P50W.

So stay tuned!

Monday, June 8, 2015

it's been a long time...

what has happened since February?

We took a trip to Costa Rica in early May, it was fabulous! but we got eaten alive by mosquitoes.

I left my job at the end of May.  It was too toxic for me, not what I needed in life at this point.

My hair is longer and fuller, still wavy, although I am still not sure if these are the post chemo curls, or it's my natural wave.

Chemo-brain really is a thing, I can attest to that.  My short term memory is horrendous, I would forget what I said literally a short second later.

Lymphaedema on my right arm is slowly but surely getting worse.  I need a new sleeve fitted.

I have picked up on Yoga again! It feels amazing, yoga is so good for the body and soul.

I have hardly been shopping, although there are some great sales going on right now!!! Burberry, I am looking at you!

Lastly, I have a magical skincare product to recommend...Endocare.

I first bought my mom Endocare ampolies after seeing drastic results on a couple of my coworkers. My Asian mom, who is the BIGGEST skeptic of everything and anything, was impressed after using this product.  So out of curiosity I tried them too, and yep they do work.  My skin feels a lot smoother and more even toned.  On my mother, it drastically improved her wrinkles and tightened her skin.  This is THE most effective skincare product I have EVER seen or used.  It has literally worked on every single person that has tried it.  For Canadians, I think is the best place to purchase them, while Americans seem to have a lot more choices in terms of online retailers.  This line also has a few other products, but I have only used the serum.

That's all for now.  Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

pattern overload

I want more snow.  So bummed we didnt get enough snow to shut down the office for a day or two.   Wishing I was on the slopes enjoying the fresh fluffy snow.

I threw my clothes on in a rush today, basically grabbing whatever I saw first.  My big grey cardigan somewhat neutralizes everything.  

Aritzia scarf.
Anthropologie shirtdress.
Club Monaco cardigan.
Frye boots.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the rule

I remember years ago when I was part of the team that opened the first ever American Eagle store in Canada at the Yorkdale mall, we were given a quick fashion coordination training.  That was where I first heard the rule that the color of your belt needs to match the color of your shoes.  I have never been a fan of that rule and definitely a serial offender.  I don't think there are any fashion rules that I live by, do you?

Aritzia scarf.
Burberry blouse.
Madewell belt.
J.crew skirt.