Friday, November 21, 2014

Free People 4 hr sale

chambray on denim

Happy Friday!

Thank you Teresa Herbert for sharing what you enjoy doing on my previous post!  I'd love to hear more, please drop a line and share with us things or activities that brings you joy and happiness.

Here are some of mine:
A nice cup of loose leaf green tea in an oversized mug.  Yes, very particular!

Sunny Fridays such as today!

I love putting on freshly laundered cotton clothing, again, like today, no wonder I'm feeling so cheerful.

Getting bundled up on a cold wintery day (yep, again like today) and feeling cozy and invincible as I stand out in the cold to catch my bus.
J.Crew sweatshirt.
J.Crew chambray shirt.
7 for all mankind ankle skinny.
Roots boots.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

what makes you happy?

I've fighting this seemingly never ending sadness for quite some time, and it doesn't feel like I'm winning because the gloomier days are starting to out number the happier days.

I had a chat with my family physician last week about this and he asked me what makes me happy?

It was such a simple question that only took me seconds to answer.  But the funny thing is that I never thought of asking myself that..."what makes me happy?"

Since our appointment I've been feeling so much better.  The fact that I was able to talk to someone who understands what I went through, and someone who is unbiased and nonjudgmental was so awesome.  Even though I can't eliminate all the elements that make me feel down and sad, but I can minimize them now that I have identified what they are, and that makes me feel in control.

If you've been feeling blue and haven't asked yourself the same question, take a moment and think about it.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Anthropologie sweaters

I was so intrigued by my picks below, I decided to stop by Anthropologie during lunchtime to check them out.  Much to my surprise, I was able to find everything at the store.

First off, the Harvest Moon poncho.  For some reason our Canadian stores only got the maize and ivory.  The maize color was not at all flattering in me.  Overall I like this sweater.  Quality is ok, light weight cotton, thinner than I expected. The button details are cute.  As a few reviews pointed out, lifting your arms while wearing this sweater will lift the entire sweater. 

Next up was the Petaled Plaid Pullover which was just as pretty in person.  But the fit was terrible.  The sweater was very wide all over, body and sleeves alike.  The plaid again wasn't very flattering on me.  Length was great though. I also tried on the last item on my list, Apex Boiled Wool Jacket, but it was so itchy I couldn't bare long enough to snap a shot.  But the jacket didn't look like how the photo showed.  It was super short.