Thursday, August 27, 2015

simple and straight forward

If I had to be stuck in one outfit for the rest of my life, It would be a tee (gotta be a cotton tee!), a pair of jeans and sneakers.  Simple and straight forward, just like the way I like it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Had an interview this morning and decided to go with your neighbourhood friendly good old black and white combo (AKA the waitress look).  Mostly wearing oldies, except for the J.Crew linen shirt bought earlier this summer.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

reality sets in again

Perhaps it's the weather, perhaps it's the news about Jimmy Carter and Shannon Doherty's cancer diagnosis, or perhaps it's the appointment with my oncologist this afternoon to discuss a 'suspicious' mass found during an ultrasound.  Whatever it is, I'm feeling the blues.

I keep saying this and it's really true, for most days I am able to put my past behind me, and even forget about the challenges with my body.  But sometimes, the fear and the anxiety just creeps up.

I have been busy this summer, really loving the time off.  Busy enjoying the sun, busy clearing out my closet, busy meeting up and catching up with some old friends, busy day dreaming and planning about our upcoming trip overseas, with a stopover in Paris.

But today, reality sets in again.  I loathe seeing my oncologist, the same woman that told me my chance of 10 year survival is 50/50, I like her, but I don't like to hear her telling me numbers and statistics. I don't like being reminded as to how serious my cancer was and how concerned she is about my future.

Regardless, it's something that I need to deal with.  My life is no longer just about pretty things, and fun stuff.  After this afternoon's appointment I have to see another specialist next week to 'investigate' another concerning condition found during the ultrasound.

Until then, I will do my best not to think about the possibility of my life falling apart again and focus on today.  Tomorrow is a mystery, today is a present.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Benefit cosmetics opened up their first stand alone boutique in Toronto recently, and it just happens to be in my neighbourhood.  I have walked past it many times but never had the need nor interest to pop in since I don't wear any makeup, but the colorful store front and the fun decors are hard to miss when you walk by.

With my in law's wedding fast approaching, I had a great reason to stop by to pick up some essentials.